Or How to create your own Human Economy

Gulture is our term for Human Economy. Before registering a new Gulture for your community, please consider the following:


Check if there is already a Gulture in your area here.


Join an existing Gulture on Pendo


If you are an administrator or developer of an existing complementary currency trading system, such as a LETS group or time bank, why not connect your system with Pendo. Pendo Exchange is a free service we offer to provide you with an easy to implement and powerful solution to connect with other platforms.


Custom support and co-development

Existing mobile application (iOS)

SSO solution

API endpoints with extensive documentation


For more information please contact us here.



There is no cost in conventional money to be part of the Social Exchange Platform Pendo. We are doing everything possible to eliminate our need for conventional money and create an exchange system that runs on its own steam.

We are currently in a BETA mode and offer customised support to meet your needs. Here are some services we already offer:


Solid admin interface

Customised account settings

Branding capabilities

Semiautomated engagement tools

Management tools



If you feel that there are enough people in your community who are interested in trading without using your ever-scarce national currency, or who are troubled by the serious problems created by the current debt-based money system, register a new Gulture today.

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