Meeting new people, expanding networks: Part 1, Vernieuwend Wonen Maastricht

By March 9, 2016BlogPost

Hello there Pendo enthusiasts, today we would like to talk to you about our efforts to spread Pendo as a platform and meeting new people in general. Our Pendo team is always doing it’s best to visit gatherings, events and meetings to talk to people about social exchange platforms and ofcourse, Pendo itself.

Vernieuwend Wonen Maastricht

First off we would like to talk to you about a great meeting we had some time ago with ‘Vernieuwend wonen Maastricht‘. They are a local community who share common resources. They live in 80 different apartments / single-family homes and they share a number of common facilities like a neighborhood-diner, shared garages, office space and even ateliers. It’s all regulated by the residents for the residents.

Meeting new people - Vernieuwend Wonen Maastricht Group

They have been living and working together since the 1980’s and are still going strong. During all those years they’ve developed a big and sturdy community. And we at Pendo thought it would be an excellent idea to bring them something that complements their way of living; Pendo. During a great meeting on the 20th of February, Pendo’s own Bernd Kapeller visited Vernieuwend Wonen Maastricht at the Culiclub.  There was a big lively discussion about social exchanges and the platform in general. With the final conclusion: They want to start with a pilot! Pendo will set up a specific Vernieuwend Wonen Maastricht Gulture and we will provide them with an info-day and some workshops if needed. This of course is something we do for all willing communities in Maastricht and it’s surroundings. Vernieuwend Wonen Maastricht’s own Noortje Fischer will be leading the project from their side.


Pendo's Bernd Kapeller explaining Pendo to a group of Vernieuwend Wonen Maastricht.

Pendo’s Bernd Kapeller explaining Pendo to a group of Vernieuwend Wonen Maastricht.

Pendo might bring an interesting component to their already interesting lifestyle. As we say: Pendo is a social exchange platform, that allows you to pay for what you need, with what you have without using money.
Now it’s obvious that they shouldn’t charge Pendo every time a neighbor comes over to borrow a cup of sugar, but it might help improve the community bonds. Who knows, someone might have some amazing baking talents that the rest of the community didn’t know about before. Or someone might be great at fixing bike-tires. One might even just like to find another resident to share a meal with to have someone to talk to. With Pendo you can do it all!

The pilot will start in April, so we are extremely curious, and excited to see how this one will turn out.

Best regards,
Your Pendo team