Excellence Student Wanted! Use Your Talents To Change The World

By November 2, 2015BlogPost

Students Maastricht Attention Please!

PENDO offers you an amazing opportunity to change the world and discover your talents. The PREMIUM program for high-performing, motivated master’s students at Maastricht University partners with us to create an team that will work to help people to increase their quality of life and change our ideas of what an economy can mean to people.

Once selected, you are grouped together in interdisciplinary team and given the assignment. Alongside your project, your receive individual coaching focused on personal competence development. Lastly, you attend several workshops to help cultivate valuable skills and knowledge to prepare them for the job market.


The project:

Pendo! We work like crazy on a social exchange platform called Pendo. Our platform allows not only hipsters to ‘pay’ for goods and services they receive with services and goods they provide to others. We create a TimeMoney system that makes barter obsolete and facilitates social capital in a cooperative economy. So you can say: Good By Money! Our problem is that our members see themselves too much as consumers. They have not yet realised that they are a valuable source of help, support and innovation for their community. Your task is to increase people’s confidence in the future and help them realise their full potential. This is not easy and involves a lot of field work, play, and trial&error. But you will get to know lots of new people and discover your talents. And all of this while you get enumerated for your hard work. In Pendo of course. So check out the website and tell us why we should be excited to work with you!

Important information:

Deadline: 23rd of November (12:00)

Registration:  Check Website or contact PREMIUM directly per Email

If you have any questions about the project itself just contact us via Facebook.


PREMIUM ambassadors Manisha Kalikadien and Ilona de Kooter during their infosessions.

They host the following two sessions:

Tuesday 10.11.2015, 17.00 hrs at EDLAB Common Room, TAPX (City park).

Thursday 12.11.20115, 17.00 hrs at Groene Zaal, UNS 50 (Randwijck)

Festive drink and bites included, so be there if you want to know more about PREMIUM!