Changelog November 2015

By December 12, 2015Pendo Log
  • User Interface changes:
    • Layout: Everything wrapped in <div class=”container”> so it is centered and “fixed” width, depending on screen width
    • Major Update of Gulture page
      • Feature: Cover image Facebook-style on Gulture page.
    • In small screen view, homepage search bar button works again.
    • Placeholder image bug where some images would be blanked even though they load just fine
    • Transactions/chart now separated in credit and debit.
    • Placeholder image removed the “placeholder” text
    • Fixed user search input field in Direct Claim window
    • Desires/Offers view, users can:
      • See the image before they upload
      • Remove an exising image
      • Upload an image if it doesn’t exist
      • Overwrite and upload an image if it exists
    •  Adding fields for business information to settings view
  • Mail notification:
    • Update the request/claim notification email
      • Clean template and proper formatting
  • Technical Upgrade:
    • Migration of everything to Rails 4.2 & Ruby 2.0


There are no significant updates to the iOS Pendo App. A new Gulture Login/Sign up page for the UM Student Gulture is online here. The plans for the further development of the next six months have already been made and we are excited about it.