About Pendo

After a year of exploration into areas such as complementary currencies and hundreds of sharing economies we decided to develop our own Social Exchange Platform. As simple as the idea started out, the complex it got during the following months. Many friends provided new insights and constructive feedback along the way. All are mentioned below by name and we are indebted for their patient, enthusiasm and support.


Pendo facilitates social capital in a cooperative economy. It does so by providing a financial instrument that empowers individuals and communities to exchange their talents and wealth.


Pendo believes in this world where meaningful work creates real value for the benefit of everyone.

Team Members



Lead Service Developer



Backend Developer



Front End Developer



Researcher In Residence



User Experience Designer / Community Manager

<h2>Ada van Dijk</h2>

Ada van Dijk

Advisory Board member

<h2>Joseph van Keulen</h2>

Joseph van Keulen

Advisory Board member

Jobs, internships and apprenticeships


7. April 2015
Article on The Artist And The Other; Read online here

28. November 2014
Article in Limburg Onderneemt; Read article (PDF)

3. October 2014
Presentation at the Breakfast Booster; More information + Handout;

12. June 2014
Article in De Limburger “Waarde is meer dan Euro”; More Information

04. June 2014
Presentation at Petcha Kutcha Maastricht with the title “Pay with Pendo”; More information

11. March 2014
Article in Talkin’Business “Dual Currency Approach: A Distinctive Solution to Empower Communities”; More information

18. November 2013
Video interview for Breaking Maas “Local Heroes Business Contest”; Watch the video

14. October 2013
Article in Talkin’Business “Tribal Money – The Collaborative Consumers New Money”; More information

10. May 2013
Article in the book “The Baltic Edge” with the title “New Tribal Money: Values Commodity Character In The Mythic Stage”; More information

Wall Of Fame

All these people and institutions helped us along the way. Thanks!

  • Aditya Pawar

  • Adina Petre

  • Alexander Sawtschuk

  • Aliaa El Shoubaki

  • Andy Feng

  • Antonis Antopoulos

  • Atticus Mullikin

  • Christian Moeller

  • Denise Vogelzange

  • Francisco José De Juan Vázquez

  • Gaby Odekerken-Schroeder

  • Henri Ligne

  • Joyce Larue

  • Koen Roelofsen

  • Konstantin Vitalskij

  • Leann Poeth

  • Louis Booth

  • Luuk van der Baaren

  • Marie Jansen

  • Michele Superchi

  • Nathalie Ummels

  • Nikos Kalogeras

  • Pauline Heinrichs

  • Philipp Wittrock

  • Stefan Scherpenborg

  • Sueli Kyomi Brodin

  • Tibor Nussy

  • Ursula Glunk

  • Wendy Hardy

  • Wiebke Eberhardt

  • Yuwei Zhang

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