A new intern, new possibilities

By February 19, 2016BlogPost
Our new intern!

Pendo’s latest intern, Didier Hayen

Maintaining an online community is not an easy task. That’s why today, we would like to introduce you to a new member of the Pendo team. Didier Hayen, a student at the Maastricht Academy of Multimedia Design and technology will be working with us during his internship for the next couple of months. As a design student he has an interesting point of view and provides a fresh pair of eyes to bring our community-platform to a new level. His core mission will be to improve the overall flow of Pendo to make sure every user will have a great time while participating in our social exchange community. To do this you will find him on our platform every day, interacting with you, our users. He will also function as our in-house community manager. Luckily he already has quite some experience with working with large communities during previous working experiences within two gaming communities.

However, social platforms and initiatives are a whole other ballgame and to quote Didier:
I love the opportunity I was given at Pendo, working with a community is pretty rewarding on its own. But with Pendo we’re making our city a better place. The social interactions are great and we might be able to really help people in their everyday lives. This for me is a great simulator. Pendo has some great potential to improve multiple facets of the Maastricht society; it helps the financially handicapped residents with some extra ways to trade, it provides social contact possibilities for those who are lonely, helps integrate those who are new to the city and it generally improves the social cohesion of the local community. In a perfect world we would have already integrated a social exchange concept within our everyday lives. But in our current world we could still thrive to create our own perfect environment.”

In the short time we worked with Didier we already came up with lots of interesting new idea’s to improve the platform and you will see the changes very soon. We’ll keep you updated!

Best regards,
Your Pendo team